Celebrate Your Diwali with Eco Friendly Earthenware and Decorative Items


It is no secret that our country, India has rich fertile soil and clay crafting is one of the ancient artisan activities that have been followed for ages. When we think of clay articles we think only of the ones that we use for cooking and storage. But is that all we use earthenware for? If you think so, you are in for a surprise. Read more to be pleasantly shocked.


Clay (Mitti) Diyas to Light Your Lives


Using earthen products is not any new for us, our ancestors have been using them everywhere right from kitchen to the doorstep in the form of diyas and lamps. While we use the earthen diyas and earthen lamps these days as a decorative items in the urban side, these lamps are almost the only source of lighting for the houses in numerous villages in our India. These not only are beautiful to look at, they also remind us of our Indian traditions.


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Cook Your Food the Ancient Way


Some people use earthen cookware even for their daily routines in the kitchen like as pots and pans. They are cheaper, considering their costs of production and the average life of the products. These earthen cookware are beneficial to health as they are made of environment friendly ingredients. With lot of appreciations from the scientific community, the number of families using the clay products have begun to rise significantly.


Looking for Diwali Decoration Ideas?


With Diwali, the festival of lights, just around the corner we are all looking for Diwali decoration ideas, for homes and offices alike. Diyas are easily the most used and sought out decoration along with other earthen ornaments. These clay articles like Diwali Diyas, Earthen lamps are eco-friendly, while being available at an economical price range. They are the best decorative articles to impress your guests during the festive season.


Mitti Cool, one of the top companies in India that specialise in cookware made of rich earthen soil. They aim to promote the use of method of cooking in earthen utensils among households. Mitti Cool produces many other artisan products that have both decorative and functional values.


Reach out to Mitti Cool to procure these earthen products for your own use. You can also book bulk orders with Mitti Cool for sending out these articles to your employees as gifts this festive season. You won’t regret and your clients & employees will love them as much as you do.


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