Soil:The Seed of Life

From Satyug to today, the soil has been witnessing our lives. It celebrated the arrival of Lord Rama as lamps and illuminates us daily during prayers.


And who can forget our precious treasure, the ‘gullak’? Saving coins and then cracking it, made our dreams tinkle. In the old times, children used to eat ‘mitti’ and also play with toys made from clay.


It is not that earthen articles are extinct, they are being used in villages and by culture lovers. Even the foreigners and people living in modern cities have embraced them. The people enjoying benefits of earthen products are not limited. But the use of earthen products need revival.


A Porter’s job was never trivial. Let’s see how:


Beseeching Blessings


None of the Indian prayers is complete without lightening the lamp. The light is believed to show us the path of integrity and dispel all doubts. They are lightened to burn all the bacteria from the air and make it pure.


Not only for worshipping, but the ‘diyas’ can also be used nowadays as a mosquito repellent. Just put Neem oil in it and light the wick. This simple thing will repel all the mosquitoes. Your lungs will thank you for this chemical and suffocation free environment. This is another thing to learn from our ancestors.


Keeping Water as Elixir


Not most people will believe this, but drinking the water from fridge can be causing a heart attack. A fact by Indian social activist, Mr. Rajiv Dixit, illustrated this. Whenever we drink cold water, it has to be first heated up to the body temperature. It is because of this temperature adjustment that the blood has to flow to the stomach. Due to this, the blood doesn’t reach other body parts for a while. And when this blood doesn’t reach the heart we get heart problems.


Remember why your grandma insisted you to drink water from the pot. The pot in the kitchen does more than just saving electricity. Our ancestors knew this science.


Temperature and the pH of water from the pot are optimum for the body. It is tender on the throat and enriching for the body.


The water has a sweet taste which tugs you to have more.


If you love the scent of soil after the rain, you will experience it every time you drink water from the pot. That’s what bliss is.


Holding up the Nutrients


The food cooked in earthen vessels has the nutrients preserved. That’s why elders used them. Also today in various Indian temples and festivals, food is made in clay vessels. “The soil nourishes the food,” this is the belief of our ancestors.


Bring Stars on the Ground


The experience of decorating the home by the ‘diyas’ on Diwali can’t be compared with bulb’s light. We bring the stars on land on Diwali. The same flame has been lighting our lives, since the first Diwali in Ayodhya.


We can also use coloured pots to decorate our house. Ethnic has always been in the fashion.


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