Water bottle(1 liter),Handi (500 ML),Simple Tawa With Handle(9 Inch)



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Product Details :

  • Water Bottle

We are recognized as the leading entity of optimum quality Clay Water Bottle. Mitticool Water Bottles are revolutionary eco-friendly. The Bottles are hand made using a special mixture of 100%natural clay, which results in natural cooling of water.

Material  : Clay
Color  : Reddish Brown
Capacity  : 1 Liter

  • Handi

Use these ‘one-of-a-kind’ clay pots to cook many kinds of dishes like cooking rice, boiling vegetables to make curries, soups and your favorite dishes. Cook 100% healthy, 100% non-toxic food for you and your family with these beautiful unglazed clay pots. Buy clay handi online.


  • Simple Tawa With Handle

Simple Tawas are essential part of our kitchen. Buy Earthen Tawa online.

Color  : Reddish Brown

Size : 9 Inch

Cleaning Technique:

  • Handi

First fill it with hot water keep the water standing in it for 10min use lemon and soft sponge  to clean it. and dry in sunlight for 1 Day.

  • Simple Tawa / Water Bottle

Wash with soft sponge and dry in sunlight for 1 day.


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