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NonStick Tawa With Handle(9 Inch), Square Cup(150 Ml)(6 Piece),Water Bottle(1 liter) 2,028.00
Tawa With Handle
Handi With Handle(2 Liter),Curd Pot(1 Liter),Cherry Cup(100 ML)(6 Piece),Simple Tawa With Handle(9 Inch) 3,315.00


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  • Handi With Handle

Due to its porous nature the heat and moisture circulate in the pot while cooking; helping the food to cook better and faster.

  • Curd Pot

In Mitticool earthen clay curd pot, you can store the curd up to 3 to 4 days. You will get a delicious and natural taste while making curd in the Mitticool pots. Buy earthen clay curd pot with cap online.

  • Glass Set

This glass set is made by clay. It is use for Drink water, Soft Drink etc.

  • Simple Tawa With Handle

Simple Tawas are essential part of our kitchen. Buy Earthen Tawa online.

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