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Earthen Clay Water Pot (20 Litres) 2,028.00

MITTICOOL earthen clay water pots cools the water and provides healing with the elements of earth. Most significantly, MITTICOOL earthen clay water pots transfer the coldness to the water based on the climate. This quality of an earthen clay water pot is unique and no other container has the same quality. Buy earthen clay water pot online.

Earthen Tawa (With Handle)(10 Inch) 453.00

Simple Tawas are essential part of our kitchen. Buy Earthen Tawa online.

MittiCool Clay Refrigerator(50 liter)

We all remember the good old days when we would drink water stored in the Matkas. Scientists claim that storing water in a clay water pot is the best way. Buy clay refrigerator online.

Price : Rs.8000 /- 

Non-Stick Tawa (With Handle)(9 inch) 839.00 399.00

Non-Stick Tawa provides low oil cooking facility. Non-Stick Tawa surface prevents food to stick at the bottom. Food grade Non-Stick Tawa gives a healthy food. Buy clay non-stick tawa online.

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