Clay Water Filter 20 liter


This clay water filter from MittiCool has been designed to add aesthetic value to your home, along with promoting a healthier way to living. The natural filtration offered by this earthen filter is a lot of better for the body as compared to chemically treated water, as it does not unequivocally kills all the good and bad bacteria in the process of filtration. The presence of certain bacteria, in turn, helps in boosting the immune system of the human body. You can turn over a new leaf toward healthy living by simply ordering this painted water filter online.

  • Laboratory tested natural water filter
  • Get Natural cooling of water
  • Modern design
  • Chemical and lead free
  • Very easy to use & wash
  • Variety of health benefits

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  • Before First Use, Clean the Pot/Bottle thoroughly with water from inside and outside using soft sponge and then fill it with water for 24 hours. After 24 hours, empty the pot and again wash it thoroughly. And dry it for sometime before use. Also Remove the candles and boil them for 10-15 min after washing. Then fit it properly with its seals fixed. This is to be done once only.
  • Clean the Pot/Bottle thoroughly in every 2 to 3 days a week or even cleaning daily is much better to avoid any kind of deposition on the pot and to keep its pores open for Cooling properly.
  • Also Clean the Candles after every filtration cycle.
  • Keep a Plate or a stand to accumulate the seeping water from the pot to avoid spilling of water on the platform or floor.
  • Always clean with tepid water or with baking soda or Lemon.
  • If there is packaging smell in the pot, Use the Coffee powder treatment where fill a small bowl with coffee powder or Cardamom and keep inside the water pot to remove the smell.


  • Don’t use wire or metal scrubbers to clean the pot.
  • Don’t use dishwasher or detergent.
  • It will not reduce TDS level

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Product Details:

Size20 liter

Technical Specifications

Weight11.21 K.G.
Frame Material
TypeGreen Product
PackingThermocol pack

For Exports

Item CodeMWF20L
Pay Mode TermsT/T (Bank Transfer)
Port of DispatchMundra port
Delivery Time7 days after confirmation of order
Packaging DetailsCorrugated box


  • It gives natural taste of the water.
  • Filters germs and bacteria’s of 0.9 micron sized in water which is harmful to body.Along with clean and hygienic water, you get to have cold water which is because of the natural clay.Unique and innovative designPainting or design can be customized.Protects you from many harmful and water related diseases.
  • Laboratory tested.

How to use:

  • Before starting to use the filter, fill the top water chamber with water and empty it after 12 hours so that the clay gets use to water.
  • Once in a month make sure you soak the candles in boiling water for 10 minutes so that it gets clean.
  • After every 2 years it is advised to change the candles of the filter for better results.The filter and the candles are meant to be cleaned with soft sponge or similar materials.This filter is designed to give you clean and cool water.


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