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We welcome you to the family of Mitticool, the best earthen cookware company in India, where we are committed to harness the amazing potentials of our rich fertile soil and utilize them to present to you, a whole new organic way of cooking nutritious and wholesome meals.


Clay Cookware Products keeps essential moisture and nutrients in food. Therefore cooking done in these rich organic Earthenware Cookware are full of health benefits. It is good for your body and for your mind. India is famous for its rich craftsmanship, but cookware items made up of Terracotta is a new concept for the whole world. Clay used in the manufacturing of these cookware items are carefully harvested in specific areas of the country. Spotting perfect soil for manufacturing is tedious task for us but we are proficient in handling it. Clay Pots for Cooking manufactured from our end are organic without any trace of additives and chemicals. Therefore food cooked in these products is full of natural taste which you may have forgotten in this fast food world. Mitti Cool has taken a revolutionary steps to bring the traditional artifacts back to the present world. Somehow, this company has succeeded in its intent as now it is counted among the leading exporter of earthen cookware products. The smooth and delightful finish of Terracotta Pots make cooking easy and organic clay imparts natural touch to the dish. So don't lack behind buy clay Pots, earthen tableware, clay water bottle online, just place your order and you are good to go...

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The Cool Mind Behind MittiCool

Mansukhbhai Prajapati, a traditional clay craftsman, has developed an entire range of earthen products for daily use in the kitchen.
These products include water filters, refrigerators, hot plates, cooker and other such items of daily use.

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