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Incense Sticks combo Camphor, Guggul and Sandal


Mitticool’s incense stick combo(Camphor, Guggul and sandal) is a natural room freshener with ingredients like cow milk, guggul, cow dung, camphor,sandal powder, Mendalakdi, ral, amla, black seasame, Kang. Fill your home with the mesmerizing aroma of incense stick that not only make your home more lively and positive but also has several health benefits that many people are unaware of like –

  • Improves sleep, Relieves anxiety, Lowers blood pressure
  • Stimulates creativity, boosts confidence and motivations
  • Keeps insects and harmful germs away
  • Helps students to concentrate in study
  • It purifies the air and fills home with positive energy

About Product
Type: Camphor, Guggul and Sandal(combo)
Each pack contains approx 60 Incense sticks
Weight: 100 gms per pack

Guggul Ingredients: cow milk, yogurt, ghee, cow dung, gojran, tulsi, guggul, aquilaria, tagar, camphor, Mendalakdi, ral, amla, black seasame, kang.

Camphor Ingredients : cow dung, meda wood, wood powder, Himalaya guggul, camphor, nagar moth

sandal ingredients : cow dung, bark of tree, wood powder, malbari sandal powder, brahmi, nakhlo, amber

The Water Stored in an Earthen pot is cool. The pot is made of Natural Terracotta Clay and The clay is porous. So due to minor pores in the clay, The water stored inside the pot percolates into the pores and as a result, oozes out of the pot in the form of droplets. These droplets absorb the heat of the water stored and evaporate resulting into cooling of water. While many a times the Water accumulates at the bottom. It is a Natural Phenomenon.

Porosity Level of Pots

The Porosity Level of each and every Pot is different from each other. The pots with Same Design, Same Shape, Same size, Same Batch have different porosity Level. i.e. Pots with Higher Porosity Level ooze higher amount of water compared to the ones with lower porosity level. As porosity Level is totally natural and not in human hands, It can not be controlled. But the oozing of water signifies the pot to be non-colored.


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