Sushila Gosrani’s Heartwarming Testimonial: Embracing Sustainability with Mitticool

Meet Sushila Gosrani, an 80-year-old artist who epitomizes the ethos of making the best out of waste. With “Recycle, Reuse, Redecorate” as her guiding mantra, Sushila’s journey towards sustainable living is both inspiring and impactful. As an artist herself, she was instantly drawn to the Mitticool concept and its range of products.

For Sushila, visiting Wakaner and personally experiencing the Mitticool creations had been a long-held dream. She eagerly anticipated the chance to acquire items like the fridge, matlas, and cooking earthen pots, all while meeting the visionary behind them, Mansukhbhai Prajapati.

Upon her visit, Sushila was deeply touched by the respect and time Mansukhbhai devoted to her. It was an encounter she will cherish forever. Grateful for the experience, she expressed her heartfelt appreciation.

Sushila’s feedback on the Mitticool fridge reflects her satisfaction with its functionality and design. Placed conveniently near their dining table, it offers easy access to cool water, salads, curd, and buttermilk, all while maintaining freshness.

Sipping water from a Mitticool matka, Sushila noticed not only its refreshing coolness but also a subtle sweetness that enhanced the taste. Moreover, her collection of Mitticool glasses and bowls has become a conversation starter among guests, sparking interest and admiration.

In sharing her Mitticool experience with others, Sushila continues to spread awareness about sustainability and innovation. Her testimonial stands as a testament to the transformative power of embracing eco-friendly practices in everyday life.

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