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Clay Pots: A Traditional Way of Storing Drinking Water in Summers

Back in the days when we didn’t have water filters and refrigerators, water was stored in clay pots. Using clay pots is a traditional way of storing drinking water in India.

Even to this day, you will find people in rural areas using clay pots to store water. Storing drinking water in clay pots have a lot of benefits to offer. In this article, we will learn a few important things about using lay pots.

How a Clay Pot is Made?

To make clay pots, you need to first arrange for the raw materials. This includes clay, detergent, lacquer, a small circular dish, colours, and a piece of cloth.

Clay is the most important item needed to make clay pots. It is used to make the body of the vessel. The clay is shaped by the potter into the item he wants to make.

The potter kneads the clay and then rolls out long clay shapes. After that, a base is made. Once the base is ready, the pot is strengthened or made more durable by smoothening it out.

In the next step, the pot is left to dry and then it is baked to make it strong. After that your clay pot is ready.

Now that you know how to make a clay pot, you should give it a try in your house.

How Beneficial is it to Store and Drink Water from a Clay Pot?

There are many benefits of using a clay water pot. Some of the main benefits include:

1. It Keeps the Water Cool

Clay pots are used to store drinking water mostly in summers because they help to keep the water cool. For people living in villages who don’t have the budget to buy a refrigerator can make use of clay pots to get cool water.

2. Improves Metabolism

Drinking water from a clay pot helps you to improve your metabolism. That’s because it is free from all harmful chemicals that are found in plastic containers.

3. Tastes Sweet

Water stored in clay pots tastes sweet. Not just that but it also feels gentle on your throat. The taste of water is any day better than filtered water.

Clay Pots Designs and Paintings

The art of making clay pots is called a pottery. People involved in pottery not only make clay pots for storing water but also as a piece of artwork. You will find clay pot painting and designs that are sold as artwork. You can either use them to decorate your house during festivals or even store water in them.

Where to Buy Clay Pots?

If you are looking forward to buying beautiful clay pot designs, then you can search for them online. One of the best places to buy clay pots is Mitti Cool. They have an excellent collection of clay pots to offer.

Clay pots are traditional items that have to offer us great benefits. The demand for clay pots may have decreased but they are still very much efficient.

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    would u be able to shit to USA, the product is amazing

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    This is awesome blog about clay water drinking products. thanks for share great information about clay utensils.

  3. Ahnyango Okwach

    I love clay pots. I live in Nairobi City Kenya and have been storing water in the same clay pot since 1999. It’s a big pot so we always have plenty of cool drinking water in the house. Just wondering it there is a way of enhancing the mineral content of the water in the clay pot. Can one add some stones or sand in the clay pot?

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