6 Wonderful Benefits of Drinking Water from Clay Bottle

Earthen pots or clay pots which were used to store and cool drinking water in earlier times is not just this, there was a whole science behind the logic and that science is no more a surprise in these modern times. Apart from the goodness, these clay bottles also take us back in old times and memories; pure nostalgia which we are sure is connected with our lives someway or somehow. Technologically, we may be moving forward in our life and we are leaving old ways of living to adopt modern comforting lifestyle. This comfort comes with a price of health, truly undebatable, but that’s how it is and here we are switching again to be healthy through simple earthy ways. 

No wonder why we are moving back to adopt our traditional and healthy ways of drinking and cooking in earthen pots. These earthen pots for water or the matkas, surahis are surely a rich inheritance from our rural or countryside culture. Now let’s take you to the logic part where you will know these Wonderful Benefits of Drinking Water from Clay Bottle.

So here, read out these 6 wonderful benefits of drinking water from Clay Bottle. 

Helps in improving metabolism

Water stored in clay bottles keeps our metabolism intact. When our metabolism is working properly, half the battle is already won, so those who are facing digestion issues, poor metabolism or acidity issues can give their body this magical healing through this water. Water stored in clay bottles is also beneficial for those who are having weight issues or those who are fighting against obesity.  

Water in clay bottles is completely chemical free, unlike plastic bottles which have BPA. This chemical BPA which is the root cause of several health diseases like cancer also increases the chances of obesity. One more fact associated with drinking water from clay bottles is that earthy properties of clay retains testosterone levels in our body. Also, it is scientifically a fact that drinking water from plastic bottles reduces the levels of testosterone in our body. 

Beautifully Handcrafted and Rural empowerment

Another fact which is truly important as well is that these clay bottles come in beautiful shapes and forms. You can find beautiful earthy designs with rustic feel of unbeatable nostalgia. So, here is the goodness of clay captured in the beautiful handcrafted pitcher. By using these handcrafted pitchers or bottles, we are also contributing our due to rural empowerment.

Naturally cool water

Clay bottles also keep water naturally cool and let’s tell you why this happens? Clay is porous, which means it has tiny holes which may not be visible through eyes but can be seen through microscope. So these tiny holes help water to percolate and infuse energy from heat to form gas and get evaporated. Thus, water cools down eventually in these clay pots.

Apart from this, the water stored in refrigerators is too chilled and may feel good to drink in summers, but then it gives our throat a tough time. Whereas water stored in clay bottles is at perfect temperature levels, it hydrates properly, gives a cooling effect and is gentle on throat too. You can have this cool water stored in clay bottles without any guilt.

Self alkaline water system

Drinking water from clay bottles helps to prevent acidity and other gastric problems, but how? Clay has alkaline properties which mean it retains higher PH levels (more than 7) and our body especially our stomach is acidic in nature while clay has alkaline properties. So, basically water from these clay bottles retain PH level in our body, keeping digestive problems, acidity or gastric problems away and we feel more hydrated and fresh.

Easy to handy/Easy to Carry

Clay Bottles are environment friendly and comparatively cheaper. You can carry them easily and dispose them (if required) without any guilt as they are pretty pocket friendly.  

Have Healing Power

Clay is well stocked with minerals and electromagnetic energy of earth which heals our body and mind. When we store water in these clay bottles it automatically adopts those properties. Thus, we can say that we are drinking this power packed liquid which is rich mineral water with healing properties.

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  1. Pradeep Varma

    I was reading about the potters of Tuna in Gujarat. Their pots are specialised for water storage but not for cooking. Do you use clay which is similar to theirs for the water bottles and/ or jugs?

  2. M Javed

    Like to drink water stored in clay pot. Besides getting all other benefits, clay water helps to reduce coughing.



    • Mitticool

      Hi Louis, please write us to info@mitticool.com and we will help you with the order.

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