Earthen pots, the Choice of the Century – 5 Best Benefits of Using Earthen Pots in Your Kitchen

Earthen Pots or Clay Pots are back again, the undeniable goodness of soil and its benefits are taking over and making a place for them in almost every kitchen or household in some way. Holding their history way back in many countries like India, Italy, Rome, Greek etc., people from all parts of the world today are moving to the old era and adapting the goodness of the clay crockery and cookware. Even the health nutritionists suggest the usage of earthen pots as they keep the nutritional value of food intact even after cooking.

Earthen pots belonged to an era when people had no choice of other type of cookware which is unlike the current scenario. Today, different varieties of cookware are available in fancy colors and designs, but as once said, all that glitters is not gold. Pots nowadays might win in the looks factor, but definitely lack in the health factor. That’s why earthen pots have now become the choice of the century in almost every household. Besides, these earthen pots do have an elegant and classy look that has its roots from centuries ago, yet it still goes with the organic trends nowadays.

World today is moving back to the basic and simple things and why not, when it comes with a bundle of benefits along. Though there are a lot of reasons for using these clay pots, few of them are simply too good to be true. Let’s understand what makes these earthen pots one of the best choices of cookware for our kitchen and our daily lives.

  1. Budget Friendly and can be purchased from anywhere

Earthen pots or clay pots are easily available and are pretty pocket friendly. These pots can be purchased from any shop without worrying about the brand and location. There are various shops and sellers that offer these earthen pot utensils in different shapes and designs at quite affordable prices.  And if you compare it to the cost of your modern branded cookware it is absolutely a delight to your pocket.

  1. Retain the original taste and nutrition of the food

As we have mentioned above also, these earthen pots are best for cooking and even supported by health experts, want to know why? Earthen pots are porous in nature which helps in spreading the heat equally throughout your dish. They take longer than usual cooking time and retain the moisture and nutrients of your food inside the pot. Besides this they add an earthy flavor too your dish along with the blend of slow cooking.

  1. Save on Oil and eventually improves your health

Earthen pots are heat resistant; they support slow cooking and require less amount of oil for cooking as compared to other cookware. So, the earthy taste of your food comes with the goodness of health as you consume less oil and more of the nutritional value. 

  1. Alkaline in nature- improves health

Earthen pot or clay pot is alkaline in nature which means it neutralizes the acidic nature of food, retains the pH balance and makes food easy to digest for you. Besides adding to the taste, the clay pot also adds the minerals in our food. The food cooked in earthen pot is rich in calcium, phosphorous, sulphur and magnesium which are few of the most required minerals of our body.

  1. Porous in nature

Earthen pots are porous and allow even heat circulation throughout which makes the dish more tender and tasty. The food cooked in these pots stay fresh for longer and retains the benefits and goodness of nutrition and taste.

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  1. Shreya Ashwini

    Thanks so much for this informative article regarding earthen pots!!People should actually use earthenware for cooking

  2. Manisha rani

    Thank you ❤️

  3. sana

    Are you using any chemicals or paint for coating the earthen pots?

    • Mitticool

      No never!

  4. Siraj laskar

    All ancient tradionalgoods were heathier,human of present era should return to ancient traditional system

  5. Rohit

    If I cook in an earthen pot over coal, will the smokiness from the coal infuse in to the food?

    • Mitticool

      No certainly not 🙂

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