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3 Types of Earthenware that Every Household Needs

Earthenware has been part and parcel in Indian households for a long time. In the earlier times, people had no choice other than cooking in clay pots, but now users are actively choosing Earthenware over other kitchen utensils.

Even though nowadays, there are more feasible cooking appliance materials like melamine or plastic, many people still prefer the usage of ceramic or clay crockeries.

Importance of Earthenware in Our Lives

Rural India still mainly depends on earthen pots, but people in urban areas are also interested in these beautiful utensils. Apart from being gorgeous, Earthenware has some essential benefits as well.

First of all, their porous nature helps in circulating heat throughout your food, unlike other materials. The clay pots help in making any food tender and thoroughly cooked.

Secondly, these cooking pots are relatively heat resistant, and that is why you will be able to prepare delicious dishes without wasting too much oil. Many people prefer to use these earthenware pots to save money and be healthy.

Lastly, the recipes cooked in an earthenware utensil will be quite delicious. There is a scientific reason behind this fact. As you will require more time to cook food in a clay pot, the slow process will help your food become tastier and more nutritious.

Three beautifully crafted earthen pots

Different Categories of Earthenware

Even though you might think that earthenware utensils or potteries are limited to India, it is not valid. These products have been in existence for centuries throughout the world.

From the time of ancient Greek and Roman empires to the time of the Italian Renaissance, clay kitchen utensils have been present in our lives for a long time.

Some of the important types of Earthenware that are perfect for home usage are given below.

Terracotta Pottery

Terracotta designs are quite prevalent in India, and they are used for both home decoration and cooking purposes. Usually, the Terracotta pots or vases are used by people to provide an aesthetic look to their houses, but some products are perfect for your kitchen as well.

There are some robust terracotta pots and pans that can easily be used for slow cooking. Nowadays, some companies have even come up with Terracotta pressure cookers, Idli makers, rice cookers, and others. These products are not only great for cooking but also great for your health.

Clay Pots

Clay pots have been in existence for a long time in India. In the early days, people used to use these pots or containers to store sweet dishes or drink cold water. But now, people are bringing back these products are more evolved. Now, clay pots or pans look relatively modern and come with handles for easy usage.

Many companies manufacture clay water filters as well to offer cold water healthily. You can even get a clay water bottle nowadays at affordable costs.

Tin-glazed Earthenware

People usually use Tin-glazed earthenware products for decorating their homes. These items are created by adding tin oxide to the clay body. You will find vases, showpieces, and other home décor products that belong to this category of Earthenware.

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