Clay Non-Stick Tawa (With Handle)(10 inch)



– Before first use, Clean the Tawa with a clean Cloth. Once the Tawa is Clean, You can make chappatis at low flame.

– Use the Tawas on a low flame with or without a heat diffuser below, to prevent cracking.

– Clean your Tawas immediately after its temperature normalises.

– Soak a soft sponge in tepid water, apply Baking Soda or Lemon Water and gently rub your vessel with soft sponge to clean thoroughly.

– Give your vessels enough time to dry, this helps to retain their natural finish.

– Make sure to put a cushion of tissue/cloth between each product while stacking.

– These vessels without any metal attachments are microwave safe, so you can heat conveniently yet eat traditionally.

– Clay Cookware items are Compatible with Gas stove along with a heat diffuser or Sigdi or Chullah

– Use a Cloth or a stand to keep the hot Tawa/Cooking vessels. (Due to Temperature difference between hot Vessel and Cold platform, The Pot might develop crack from inside which on cooking, Some part might chip off)


Important Note:

  • Never Soak Simple or Nonstick (espcially Nonstick) Tawa in water. (On soaking the tawa will absorb water and on putting on gas stove, Either it might Crack or due to Evaporation of Water, there will be Bubble formation in the Non stick)
  • Always Keep the Hot Tawa or Cooking Vessel on a stand or a Cloth to avoid cracking due to temperature difference of cold and hot surfaces.
  • For Cooking Chappatis on Clay Tawas, Use less water to prepare Dough making the dough hard.


  • Don’t Soak Non Stick Tawa or simple Tawa in Water.
  • Don’t Put Hot Cooking Vessel on cold surfaces.
  • Stack a lot of dishes in the sink while washing.
  • Don’t Use a stainless steel/metal scrubber to clean.
  • Don’t Use a dishwasher to rinse or wash these products.
  • Don’t Use these vessels on Induction or coil or Plate or Electric Stoves.

Quality Products

Care for Health


Natural Taste

Easy to Clean

Value For Money

Product Details:

Width 1.75 Inch
Length 10.5 Inch
Height 15.5 Inch
Color Black
Size 9 INCH

Technical Specifications

Material Clay
Weight 0.765 K.G.
Frame Material Stainless Steel
Type Green Product
Packing Thermocol pack

For Exports

Item Code
Pay Mode Terms T/T (Bank Transfer)
Port of Dispatch Mundra port
Delivery Time 7 days after confirmation of order
Packaging Details Corrugated box

How to use:

  • Avoid using metal spatulas and utensils which may damage the coating while cooking with a Non-Stick Tawa. Use silicone or wooden utensil to flip the bread.
  • Don’t overheat your Non-Stick Tawa. When using a Non-Stick Tawa, cook on low or medium heat. Also, do not leave your Tawa unattended, especially when empty. Turn off the heat as soon as you are done with cooking.

Washing Method:

  • Wash it with soft brush.
  • Clean the Tawa in the sink using a sponge or soft cloth. Do not use pads, steel wool, or metal scrubbers on Non-Stick surfaces.


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