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Mitticool is all about re-growing these rich lost roots of Indian culture into the modern environment. Mitticool prides its initiative towards preserving our old culture. We produce clay products and clay pots that lead to a healthy, natural life and also revive our rich tradition.

One can get a rare antique of an earthen pot in few homes these days, the reason being its natural benefits. Earthenware has tremendous health benefits. Cooking food with it embarks nutritional value of the clay to the food. The porous material of clay helps water seep through it, letting you enjoy the mildly cool water. Not only this, the mineral composition and porous nature of clay pots and other clay products accentuate the flavour of the food we eat.

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We aspire grow along with small businesses
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From electricity free refrigerator to clay spoon we have wide variety of innovative products that people already love.
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Mitticool products and distributors is present over 63 cities all across india efficient delivery channels.
Substantial profit margin
We offer significant margin on products which are already available in market and loved by people.

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