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When choosing water bottles you need to think about which material you want to get. You can either get steel or plastic water bottles that allow you to keep your water cool but not safe for health. Mitticool provides Self-cooling clay water bottles with 1 Litre capacity. 100% Hygienic, Safe & Made In India Product. Mitticool’s water bottles are free from any kind of harmful coloring and are totally safe.

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Life has become fast and everything is ‘on the go’. The clay water bottles helps in giving the water a health twist, while having the ideal quantity that can be carried around.

Mitticool Water Bottles are revolutionary eco-friendly.The Bottles are hand made using a special mixture of 100%natural clay, which results in natural cooling of water.

  • Mitticool water Bottle is a revolutionary self-cooling bottle Eco-Friendly Terracotta ware.
  • Its self-cooling, easy to clean & refill.
  • Clay adds a unique flavor to water.
  • We use 100% natural clay as the raw material.

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