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Please pay attention, maybe you are overlooking health in front of the taste... Yes, metallic cookwares drench all essential nutrients of food and make it toxic which leaves long terms effects on your body. At Mitti Cool, we have come up with earthen cooking products made up of pure Indian Clay. It is a good news for all that we are among the leading Manufacturer of Earthen Cookware products as well as Exporter of Earthen Cooking Products across the country. Our versatile assortment justifies this claim in a very well manner. The soil is alkaline in nature, therefore, play a prominent role in neutralizing pH balance of food prepared and stored in it.

Cooking in steel and aluminum items are quite harmful for humans as it enhances the deposition of metal in the body. As this ratio of accumulated metal increases beyond the limit, it starts affecting muscles, liver, kidneys, bones and other essential parts of the body. Earthen cookware products are the best alternative which can save you from such loss. We have a wide range of cooking products like clay cookers, handi, tawa, kadai, clay refrigerator and many more products. Therefore feel free to place your order, we can easily handle bulk orders, send us a request and your consignment will reach you within a week.

Clay Cooker (3 Liters)

Rs 1,399.00 Rs 1,299.00

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