Combo Offer – Handi (2 Lit), Curd Pot (500ml.), Clay Water Bottle (1 Lit.) & 9″ Non-Stick with Handle


Product Details:

  • Handi (2 Lit)
  • Curd Pot (650ml.)
  • Clay Water Bottle (1 Lit.)
  • 9″ Non-Stick with Handle

With Mitticool curd pot, you can store the curd up to 3 to 4 days. You will get a delicious natural taste while making curd in Mitticool pots.

Mitticool water bottle is a revolutionary self-cooling bottle and eco-friendly Terracotta ware. Mitticool water bottle is handmade by special mixture of clay which results in natural self-cooling of water.

Use these one of a kind clay pots to cook many kinds of dishes, from cooking rice, boiling vegetable to making curries, soups & your favorite dishes. Cook 100% healthy, 100% non-toxic food for you and your family with these beautiful unglazed clay pots.

Non-Stick Tawa provides low oil cooking facility. Non-Stick Tawa surface prevents sticking of food at the bottom. Food grade Non-Stick Tawa gives a healthy food.

The Water Stored in an Earthen pot is cool. The pot is made of Natural Terracotta Clay and The clay is porous. So due to minor pores in the clay, The water stored inside the pot percolates into the pores and as a result, oozes out of the pot in the form of droplets. These droplets absorb the heat of the water stored and evaporate resulting into cooling of water. While many a times the Water accumulates at the bottom. It is a Natural Phenomenon.

Porosity Level of Pots

The Porosity Level of each and every Pot is different from each other. The pots with Same Design, Same Shape, Same size, Same Batch have different porosity Level. i.e. Pots with Higher Porosity Level ooze higher amount of water compared to the ones with lower porosity level. As porosity Level is totally natural and not in human hands, It can not be controlled. But the oozing of water signifies the pot to be non-colored.


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