World Environment Day 2020 – A Call to Save the Mother Earth

World environment day (WED) takes place every year on 5th June in more than 143 countries. Listed as one of the “megadiverse” countries of world and enriched with about 10 percent of the planet’s biodiversity, Colombia is going to host the World environment day 2020 in partnership with Germany.

Brief History

World Environment day (WED) was established by UN assembly in 1972. The first World environment day was then held with the theme “Only One earth” in 1974. Since then, the world environment day has been a powerful global platform to create and spread awareness about the protection and preservation of our environment among the people.

Theme for WED 2020
The theme chosen for world environment day 2020 is “celebrate biodiversity” considering about a million of species facing extinction.

Biodiversity means the variety of the living organisms present on earth.

Hearing the terms like ‘biodiversity’ and ‘extinction’ directly strikes our minds with the increasing pollution and its effects on various ecosystems- like land, water, air, on the earth. Hence our first focus, to preserve our environment and the biodiversity on the planet, should be to promote eco-friendly lifestyle.

How can We Promote Eco-friendly Environment?

To promote eco-friendly environment simply means to use and promote the use of eco-friendly products.

Eco-friendly Products

Opposite to the effects of toxic materials like leather, nylon, synthetic rubber, plastic etc, eco-friendly products do not harm the environment. In addition, they also support 5Rs (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle). Let’s sneak a peek into a few of eco-friendly products which we can use in our daily life.

Cloth bags- Carrying cloth bag can deter you from any troubles like searching for something to carry your shopping materials or to pay for adding environmental pollution (plastic bags).

Rechargeable batteries- Batteries are difficult to recycle and carry many dangerous metals like lead. Moreover, using rechargeable batteries are easy on your pockets.

Eco-friendly Water Bottles: Think about water bottles made of copper, clay, stainless steel or aluminum –the materials which are eco-friendly.

Solar panels- Using solar panels for different purposes allows you to save some electricity.

Earthenware- Use clay products or earthenware to protect the mother Earth. They are biodegradable, made of recycled material and usually decompose easily.

Mitticool and its Eco-friendly Products

Mitticool is one of the popular and trustworthy shopping stop where you can buy clay products.

Honoured with many awards and achievements, Mitticool aims at promoting the use of earthen ware. They produce clay products and clay pots that lead to a healthy and natural life to revive long-lost Indian culture and tradition of using clay-products.

You can explore the site by clicking the link-

Some more benefits of using eco-friendly products are their low maintenance, low cost, saves environment and better health.

We use many resources from our mother Earth since centuries. It’s the time to pay back, to save the mother Earth. Let’s join our hands for promoting the better environment, the better tomorrow for the upcoming generations.

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