Celebrate Uttarayan in the Most Unique Way with Genuine Gujju Things

Celebrate Uttarayan in the Most Unique Way with Genuine Gujju Things

The kite festival known as Uttarayan brings Gujarati Phenomenon when the sky is full of colourful kites before the dawn and last till the dark. The festival is celebrated on the 14th of January as per the English Calendar. It is the time when Winter beings transformation into Summer.

It is the first festival of the year and time when the sun starts its journey into northern Hemisphere. This festival ushers huge crowds from all over the city. The festival is celebrated countrywide the ecstatic festive spirit can be noted a couple of days before the day of festival arrives.

This is a day when kites soar aloft gliding their way in the sky with the flow of brisk breeze that blows during this time of year. Gujarat is a place where the skyline above the cities of Gujarat comes in various shapes, sizes, colours bringing the contenders to compete with each other in the battle of kites.

The amazing view would give a glance of passionate kite flyers engrossed their kites and impose tricks to severe the strings connected to the opposite kite. Once the string connected has been shear the place is full of excitement people shouting out “Kaypo Chhe” (have cut it). You would see this yell out of “Lapett” around energizing the festival ambience around.

Get the flavour of Undhiyu cooked in earthenware and make your celebration more cheerful.

Gujarati people cannot be left out with food. Food is their best companion with various sweet dishes and Undhiyu they can’t wind up this festival.

“Saras Majanu Jamavanu” is their favourite slogan, it means they want to have really good food. Well, this case is implied to them every time as they are Food conscious.

Undhiyu is the signature dish of Gujarati’s its lip-smacking taste and aroma would make you wild and crave for more.

The festival and Winter are not complete without a hot piping steaming bowl of Undhiyu. Undhiyu means “upside down” in traditional language.

The name is given as the method to cook Undhiyu in rural place of Gujarat. The dish is rich in vegetable and wintry tubers served along with Poori or Roti.

It is made within earthen pots or matkas that beyond nutrition add various nutrients including calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, iron and many more.

The earthen pots are buried underground furnace and there is a pile of rich green masalas added.

The ‘Matla Nu Undhiyu’ or the Undhiyu made in an earthen pot is cooked upside down making it robust and unctuous dish.

The foods made in earthen pots are highly beneficial to our body.

The porosity and natural insulation properties of earthen pots cause heat and moisture to captured and circulated throughout clay pots.

The heat circulation inside slowly cooks the food and make it aromatic along with full of nutrition.

A Legitimate Feel of Festival

The festival includes music on a rooftop with amicable competitiveness in battle. However, if the festival is celebrated in an authentic way, it can double the joy of celebration. Earthen pot adds an element of legitimacy in our traditional festival. Earthen cookware and utensils have been in popular demand nowadays. You can find many kullads or earthen pots for drinking water, tea or fermenting curd. The advantages are numerous along with the statement of style, authenticity, and trend. Stay Hydrated, Enjoy Food with Earthen Pots this festival. You can find a complete collection of Earthenware at Mittcool.


Have a safe and happy Uttarayan!

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  1. Shiraz

    Do you make the Matki’s on which we play the drums, i.e. instead of Tabla, the Matki was widely used in the olden days in music, and perhaps today too

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