Impress Your Guests with the Eco-friendly Clay Tableware

The art of cooking and serving food has changed drastically in the past few years. The selection of tableware and crockery for serving our guests has become a reflection of our status and sophistication.

The number of people who look back to our ancient Indian lifestyle have increased, thanks to the new found awareness of the healthy alternatives. For example, there is a significant raise in the households using earthen tableware in the Indian population.

Benefits of Using Clay Products on the Dining Table

The use of earthen tableware and crockery has been found very beneficial. Some of them are listed below:

Non-toxic Raw Material

Made out of clay, these tableware are safe from the toxicities one might find by using the plastic and other materials. Protect your kids and family members from these health hazards by avoiding the using of products made of plastics.

Enriched Flavour

It has been found by experience that cooking and serving using these clay and mud utensils improves the flavour and retains the aroma of the food longer. Our ancestors definitely knew better about them, didn’t they?

More Economic

The cost of earthen tableware is very less comparing to the cost of metallic or plastics tableware. They also add to the aesthetics value to your place. What better way to impress your guests?

Types of Earthen Tableware Available in the Market

Looking to buy these healthier options of tableware for your household or to gift someone? You can find the following most suited for everyone available in the market.

1. Clay Cherry Cups

Serve your family and friends in the most eco-friendly and healthy tableware with these clay cherry cups. These cups are best suited for serving hot or cold milk, coffee and other beverages. These are made of clay making them more delicious and aromatic. They are also safe to be stored in the refrigerator and used on the fire or gas stove directly.

2. Clay Curd Pot

Are you still using the old metal utensils to store the curd? Time for you to change to these eco-friendly curd pots to make fresh and aromatic curd, made of clay. They are not only perfect for storing but also for serving curd and other dairy products. They sure will get all the admiration from your friends when you show these cute pot to them.

3. Clay Dinner Set

All that is needed for your next dinner party is a new dinner set. Why not use the newest eco-friendly dinner set out in the market to impress your guests? The dinner set consists of a dinner set with one dish, one glass and two small bowls made of reddish brown clay, making it aesthetically very pleasing.

4. Clay Glazed Glass Set

What is better than a Glazed Glass Set of earthen pots in your kitchen when you have company? These clay glazed glass set comes in sets of 12 or 6 numbers, with capacities of 100 ml or 200 ml each. The glass ware can be used for storing and serving your guests with delicious and aromatic food all through the year.

5. Clay Linear Bowl

These 500 ml linear serving bowls made of earthen clay can be a great addition to your crockery. With the spread of health consciousness and a large array of options to from, you should trying using these clay bowl to serve your family right away and understand the reason for its success and fame. May be you will fall in love with it as well.

6. Clay Square Cup

Kitchen wares are just not about utility but also their looks, these days. The curd pots made of clay made in square shape will sure attract you. The curd pot also acts as a preservative aide as it is made of 100% natural clay and will keep your curd fresh and tasting yummy even after 3 to 4 days.

7. Clay Water Bottle

Quench your thirst all through the year with this eco-friendly clay water bottle. These 1 litre bottles are made of special hand mixed 100% natural clay making. They are self-cooling making it indispensable for anyone living in tropical climates like India. They are easier to clean and quite friendly to your pocket. The clay water bottle is an innovation that you should not wait to try it out.

Most of these revolutionary products are perfect to your budget while being a very healthy alternative to the ones you use. Why not grab the chance to be part of the revolution?

With all the great benefits mentioned above the clay products from Mitti Cool are here to stay. Do not hesitate to contact and place your orders right through the website. Go ahead, book for yourself and gift your loved ones immediately. There are also several amazing combo offers to grab.

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